Monday, December 06, 2004

This and That

Babygirl is busy hacking up a furball. At least that's how it sounds. Yesterday, she said a few times, "My elbow hurts," and then she pointed to her neck, just below her ear. She hasn't had anatomy class yet, so we'll overlook this glaring physiological error.

The twins have moved from the "Mom, am I gonna die?" stage to the "Mom, I'm bored. When can we do something fun?" stage. TwinBoyB is pretty bummed that last night ended up being a vomit-fest instead of a funfest at their twin friends' house. They were supposed to spend the evening over there, but instead were quarantined in their room. TwinBoyA is still lethargic and has spoken less than fifty words today, which is proof of his illness. Normally, he is a non-stop talker.

I spent today doing as little as possible. It's amazing how quickly the house falls back into shambles. Tonight, the kids (those who are eating) are having left-overs. I have to go to the annual Christmas salad potluck for church women at 6 p.m. I will have to rush home afterwards because my husband has to go to a Christmas dinner, too, for a different organization.

Today, when I tricked Babygirl into napping, I fell into a deep sleep, too, and when I woke up and moved, just a little, she stirred. So I stayed still and slept during the whole naptime. Normally, during naptime, I slip out of bed as quickly as possible so I can have lunch, but today I was full of peanut butter pie and leftover stuffed mushrooms. Who needs lunch?


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