Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogging About Blogging

Hi everyone, this is Gina from Just Another Day.

If you have been anything like me lately, you have been pining for your "Mel fix." I have forlornly been visiting this blog for the past week or so, hoping that Mel has found the time to post something. But her computer time is limited, and I am flattered that she asked me to be her personal flunky for the next few days and post some of her favorite entries from her archives. She and the family are doing very well in Texas, and Mel has managed to only get 3 mosquito bites so far! Babygirl did well on the plane, and the boys are busy with their Gameboys and swimming.

So, in honor of Mel, grab a Diet Coke with Lime and enjoy!

Time for our first re-run, which includes mention of a few posts I liked. Have fun! Right now, I'm in Houston, hopefully eating something delicious.

Click here for a re-run!


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