Thursday, May 12, 2005

Go. Now.

Before you do anything else, you must go read Judy's post about labels. You'll thank me.

As an added bonus, Judy also solves the world's problems in her post.

For the record, I have a green dot on my forehead today.


Blogger Angi said...

Read it, loved it, but most days, I need a rainbow colored dot! lol. you inspired me today. I wrote a long post about labels as well! lol.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

Thanks for sending me to Judy's blog. I loved her post.

Today was a blue dot day, but I kept going and got a lot done so maybe tomorrow will be a green dot day.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Catharine said...

I say this in Christian love.

Don't tell me what to do.


Seriously, I'm on my way there... I just couldn't resist.


2:02 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

Thanks for sending us to Judy's blog! I loved it and have added it to my blogroll. Great stuff both here and over there, too! :) God bless... Debra

12:33 PM  

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