Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Sunday Night Blues in Bits and Pieces

School Breaks
Before I schooled the boys at home, I looked forward to the end of school breaks. The kids would go back to school and my days would resume their lilting schedule and rainbows would appear in the sky. Now I dread it. I'll have to drag my school-at-home boys by the ears to get them to the kitchen table, ready to tackle math. YoungestBoy has started to proclaim that he "hates" school, which I just can't believe because he does so well and reports he had a good day every single day. But I'm going to email his teacher, just in case.

Tomorrow DaycareKid will be here, too, so we'll just suddenly be going full speed ahead. I'd rather lounge in a hammock for a few more days. Not that I own a hammock, but still.

Outright Refusal
Tonight, when I put Babygirl to bed, I said, "Good-night. Have a good sleep!" and she said, "No." Well. Okay, then.

On Printers

My printer died. It was a HP PSC 1210 All-in-One. I loved that it printed, copied and scanned, but now it's dead. I'm not so sure I want to replace it with the same model, given it's unreliable history. But I'm cheap. So, what do you recommend, Internet? What annoys me is that I used to have a perfectly reliable plain old printer. Then a friend gave me a similar plain old printer. So, I switched to that printer and got rid of my printer (after it clogged up my storage room for a few months). When I got this new printer (a year ago), I donated the other printer to charity. And how does the universe reward my good deed? Now, I have no printer! Two computers, no printer and I gave away two printers in working condition.

Celebrity Babies (and Moms)
I've been thinking about why the paparazzi is so eager to snap a photograph of new celebrity moms . . . first the hoopla about Gwyneth Paltrow and the Apple of her eye . . . and now Julia Roberts and Phinn and Hazel, for example. Does the media actually think the public cares about the mushed up newborn face of a baby? No way! What we really want to see (you know you do, admit it) is the condition of the post-partum mother. We want to see if Julia has the same mooshy tummy that childbirth imposed on us. We want to see if Gwyneth looks haggard and chubby. I freely admit that when I saw a post-partum picture of Kate Hudson, I felt gleeful--she looked like she'd had a baby. Her face was round and her body reflected her pregnancy weight gain--for about twenty minutes. Then suddenly, she was lithe and lean and not just unpregnant, but looked never-been-pregnant-shaped again.

I ask you. How is that right?

Desperate Housewives

My blog-tracking device thing-a-majig tells me that I have visitors who come here after googling "Desperate Housewives." To them I say: Sorry. There are no actual unretouched photos of those "desperate" housewives here. Just the ramblings of a real-life desperate housewife who has never seen anyone like that at the PTA.


Blogger Rebecca said...

mel, you crack me up...I'm with you on the whole post-baby body thing. Isn't it crazy how they are back to normal in about a minute? Two exceptions seem to be Debra Messing and the chick from King of Queens...

Hope things are going well for you today now that you are back to the's to hoping that babygirl takes all her naps and your sons magically enjoy ever writing task you give them.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Bella said...

Heh. My baby is nearly seven and I still look like I just had one. Pfft.
Happy New Year and sorry about the printer!

4:30 PM  

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