Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've Lost Track of Time

I'm not even sure what the date is today. I've been spending this week catching up on the busy-work, the stupid, redundant paperwork which is required by the school district for my schooling-at-home kids. I've always hated worksheets and paperwork for the sake of paperwork, so at first, I thought I had figured out a way around it. Then the requirements were clarified for me. So this week, I recreated a log book documenting our lesson times. Today, I spent most of the day writing up an individualized academic plan.

I only wish I were getting graded, because I'm pretty sure I'd get at least a B+. Although my assignment is overdue, so I'd probably fail it altogether. At least it's finished.

DaycareKid was here on Monday and Tuesday, but right before lunch-time on Tuesday, he suddenly started crying. He ate lunch, then took a nap and woke up crying. He cried through his diaper change, cried while I put on his shoes, cried when I gave him a snack, cried while he watched a video and cried while he waited for his mom to pick him up. He was feverish and didn't stop crying until he conked out on the couch again at 4:30 p.m. His mom came a short time later. Today, he was supposed to come over, but she stayed home with him. Poor sick kiddo. I just hope he didn't share his germs!

This morning, even though DaycareKid didn't come over, I still had to get up and shower early because I had to take one of our kitties--Roy--to the vet's office to get spayed. (Yes, Roy is a girl.) I dropped off the kitty and was home before anyone in my house was awake.

Last night, I saw Closer again. I wanted to see it as soon as it ended the first time around. This time, wouldn't you know it, a woman brought her TWO YEAR OLD child to the 9:10 p.m. showing. She should thank her lucky stars that she chose to sit on the opposite side of the theater with her child, because I would not have been very polite when I expressed my annoyance at the presence of a toddler at an R-rated movie which is so completely not appropriate for a two year old. During the movie, the little guy was wandering around near the screen. (Children at movies not meant for them is my pet peeve. One of my pet peeves. The only one I can think of now, if you don't count the horror I have developed over the fact that Barney the purple dinosaur has no elbows. I've been pondering the Barney irritation factor for quite some time and finally decided it's the elbow thing that drives people crazy, even when they can't quite put their finger on it.)

This time, two clearly dim women left during the pivotal scene in the movie. They returned about ten minutes later. What is wrong with people? My pleasure at immersing myself into a movie is marred by the stupidity of my fellow movie-goers. I mean, did they think this was "Meet The Fockers"? Seriously.


This afternoon, Babygirl and I went to Target to buy more razor blades on clearance for $4.54 per box. I discovered this price last night when I bought razors before the movie--the regular price is $18.19. Babygirl loves shopping, but we ran into a friend from the pool who dared to greet Babygirl with a touch. Babygirl was not amused and demanded to be picked up from the shopping cart. When we walked away after a short chat, Babygirl helped me push the cart, which involved her arms completely stretched overhead so her hands could grip the handle of the cart. She said, "I am a good helper!"

And she is. She sang "Happy Birthday to You" and "I love you, you love me . . ." all the way home and I considered briefly freeze-drying her at her current age and then I remembered how she screams when I shampoo her hair and how she follows me into the bathroom and how she freaks out when nice people greet us in Target and her adorability factor slipped down a couple of notches.

But she still is so sweet that my teeth ache just thinking of her.

[By the way, I live in the state of Washington where we still don't know exactly who our next governor will be. There have been two recounts and frankly, I say the best two out of three should win. (The Republican won the first two counts, then lost in the final hand recount by a few votes.) Or just flip a coin. Or play paper-rock-scissors. It would be just as valid a result.]


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