Monday, December 27, 2004


Babygirl did not want to nap today. At the very last second, she found YoungestBoy's giant, green Hulk Hands and she was attempting to bonk DaycareKid on the head with them. I finally picked her up and carried her stiff, resisting little body to bed where she shrieked and cried until I threatened to put her in her own crib.

Then she was glad to be snuggled next to me. Still, it took her an hour to fall asleep. I fell asleep, too, then. The problem with a lovely nap mid-day is that I can't wake up. When I do wake up, I can't get out of bed. And I really, really want to because I want to be awake in my house while she is not. Awake, that is.

I did manage to roll out of the bed and when I came downstairs, it was as if spring had arrived. The sun is shining brightly and the kitchen sinks are empty. The dishwasher is stil warm. And my husband is gone. It's his day off, but apparently he's tending to a church crisis of some sort, so he cleaned the kitchen and went to work.

And here I am, blinking in the sunshine. I know winter just started, but spring will be here in approximately twenty minutes. That's just how it works around here. I even saw some bulbs peeking up from their pot on the porch. I really appreciate living in the Northwest after living in northern Michigan for four years. One year, we didn't see grass (because the snow didn't melt) from October to March. That is just too long to live in a winter wonderland.

Oh, I hear Babygirl's footsteps. Time to go.


Blogger QQ said...

You know what? Forget Dan....I am moving in.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Eyes said...

Bulbs already? You lucky thing. I live near your old home grounds. Winter will stay until deep March!

Can I come for a visit?

9:20 AM  

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