Monday, April 12, 2004

Monday, Monday

My husband's taking the week off. Unfortunately, I'm not. It's Spring Break. I also have DaycareKid Monday through Thursday as usual. And the laundry doesn't take a day off and for some reason, my family wants to eat every single day. Which reminds me that I still haven't put the stew into the crockpot, so what will we have for dinner tonight?

Funnily enough, my husband has gone to his office twice so far this morning, taken three phone calls from church people and has left the house to run errands.

He plans to take the kids bowling after lunch. Then, hopefully, the babies will sleep and the house will be quiet.

The kids never did notice that we didn't dye Easter eggs. I can't believe I made it through a holiday with no preparations whatsoever. And those Easter bunnies I bought on Saturday night have been completely forgotten. I should have just used the chocolate bunnies from 2003 that are still in my laundry room cupboard. No, I am not kidding.

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