Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Swimming upstream

No, this is not an entry about sperm. Or salmon. It's about me, as usual, unlike most everything else in my life.

Anyway, I find great humor in the fact that today, just tonight, two separate people mentioned how much they loved, loved, loved "Jersey Girl," the movie that I saw and despised last night. Now, either something is fundamentally wrong with me (nah, not possible) or I truly am a movie snob or (and this is most likely) . . . the world as we know it is coming to an end.


My kindergartener brought home a plant from school yesterday. His styrofoam cup was bursting with plants over six inches tall. He enthusiastically informed me that his was the biggest plant in his class. I said, "It is! Wow!" and he said, "Yes, because the teacher said to plant three seeds and I accidentally planted fifteen or twenty."

He apparently did not get into any kind of trouble when his fifteen beans began to sprout. I wonder if his teacher laughed out loud like I did.

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