Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sunday Night Update

Sore throat: Gone.
Baby: Crabby and sick? I couldn't get her to stop crying this afternoon.
Dishes: Washed.
Emailbox: Empty.
Family room: Cluttered.
Living room: Couch cushions in disarray.
Laundry: Folded basket on couch, lightbulb burned out, dirty clothes, wrinkled clothes.
Eyes: Contacts now in for 15 hours. Optometrist would be displeased.
Kitchen floor: Disgusting.
Easter: Oh no, coming on Sunday!
Bills: Paid.
Checkbook: Balanced.
Children: Sleeping, apparently healthy.
Husband: Sleeping, exhausted from too much work. Driving youth pastor candidate and wife to airport at 7 a.m.
Cat: Missing, again.
Chocolate: Gone.
Newspaper: Unread.
Exercise: None.
Vegetables consumed: None.
Fruit consumed: None.
Backyard: Weedy.
Brain: Dim.
Bed: Waiting.

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