Friday, April 09, 2004

And one more thing

I've seen previews for the new movie, "Ella Enchanted." And while this movie looks precious and cute (especially if you are twelve years old), I will not be seeing it for one main reason.

As the website says, "Little Ella's birthright is the gift--and curse--of obedience. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance, Ella cannot refuse any command . . . "

Well, color me confused, but it seems to me that Ella is not exactly the most obedient girl as much as is the most literal girl in the kingdom.

Plus, why do we need a movie showing how bad obedience is?

Obedience = good.
Taking everything literally = bad.

Imagine what good I could do for mankind if only I applied my mental meanderings to serious issues, she says with a straight face and a laugh.


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