Saturday, March 06, 2004

Late Night Thoughts and Stupid People

I'm in a funk. Probably hormonal, possibly related to my vampire existence and even more likely directly traced to my viewing of "Mystic River" again tonight.

Watching DaycareKid is great. He's a great baby, funny, sweet, easy to take care of. But the trade-off is that I am a virtual prisoner of my home. Between him and my afternoon kindergartener, I don't leave the house during the day. And since my husband's fallen into the habit of working on his sermon on Saturdays, every single day is the same. I am home alone with kids every single day of the week from sun-up to sun-down. This would make any sane person crazy.

I have checks I haven't cashed for two or three weeks. Donations for Goodwill sitting, waiting to be donated. Errands to run, things to do, people to see (okay, only things to do--I have no people to see). How long can a grown-up go without being out and about during the daylight? I am going to lose my mind.

Or not.

Tonight, at my husband's urging, I went to a movie. I put Babygirl down at 7:15 p.m. and left by 7:30 p.m.--without even cleaning up the kitchen. (My husband did the dishes while I was gone. Good job, Husband!) I planned to see "The Passion", but it was not showing until 9 p.m., so I saw "Mystic River" again. It was better the second time, I think. What a movie! What superb performances! But, here's where the Stupid People come in.

I'm waiting in line to buy popcorn and a Diet Coke. The giggling, hair-flipping girl in front of me was taking her sweet time choosing candy. She had such evenly cut straight hair. I envied her hair. Mine seems to be getting curlier and curlier as I age. Anyway, as I'm waiting, waiting, waiting (knowing the previews have already started), I hear two young men behind me talking. "Did you see Mystic River?" one says.

"No," the other says. The first one says, "Great movie, but terrible ending!" Then they yammered on and on about movies with bad endings ("Unforgiven" was mentioned.) Why in the world would you discuss how a movie ends while waiting in line for popcorn? I saw it before, so I knew the ending, but what if I hadn't? Do people not use their God-issued brains? I ought to have turned around and given them a searing look. Idiots.

So, after the movie, I'm walking out and behind me, I hear someone say, "I thought Dave did it." Dave was played by Tim Robbins. I hear someone else say, "You know who should have won an award? Tim Robbins."

Uh, hellooooooo! He did win an award, the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Honestly. My brain is only half-functioning due to the constant drain of motherhood and life with toddlers and pre-teens. Yet, I know these things!

Tonight, TwinBoyA says, "What's for dinner?" and I say, "Sloppy Joes." And he makes a gagging noise. This is what I deal with, day in and day out.

So, I'm in a funk. Although, at least I'm not facing twenty years of prison. Poor Martha.

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