Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Equal Opportunity for All Holidays

Some have cried out in dismay about my stance on Valentine's Day. You'll notice that I didn't say I don't bake heart-shaped cookies and put up a few decorations and teach the little ones how to cut out hearts. I just don't need a big production for my own benefit. That said, I do my best to notice and celebrate the holidays as they rush toward me.

I really don't need or want a giddy celebration of Mother's Day, either. I tell you--I'm low-maintenance and unimpressed with the demands of society which tell me I must celebrate in a certain way on a certain day or else be branded a curmudgeon. Or a bad mother.

And I was [ ] <-------------- this close to eloping, too, because I didn't want to go through the whole traditional wedding thing. I only endured it because 1) a family friend convinced me it would mean a lot to my dad; and 2) my husband-to-be informed me that if we didn't have an actual wedding in Seattle, we'd have to have one in Texas. I am glad my dad walked me down the aisle. How would I have known that two years later he'd be dead? But still. My wedding was not the happiest day of my life.

No matter what you say or what psychological magnifying glass you peer through, I still don't really care about Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day or any other day in which I could--but won't--purchase a card for five bucks at the local Hallmark store. I'm unapologetically unsentimental that way.


Blogger Mrs. Darling said...

Good for you Mel. I like people who know what they believe and stick to it. :)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Linsey said...

I am so on your side with these holidays...

2:45 PM  
Blogger The Dung Beetle said...

I couldn't agree more.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

My Dad did things in "threes" my whole life. He was a consummate romantic and three was his lucky number. Three was a nice solid number. Three was exactly the number of words to say, "I love you". So from their first Valentine's Day together and for the 50 years there after, my daddy sent mom three long stemmed red roses for ?I Love You?.

He had three daughters and from the day they were born and every birthday and Valentine's Day there after they each received three long stemmed roses. My color was yellow because I was his sunshine.

Valentine's Day 2005 found me alone and at 11, 500 feet in Keystone Colorado where I was presenting at an International Oncology Symposia. The phone call came around 10 PM. Daddy had fallen; he was in the ER and not doing well. His breathing began to fail about an hour later and he was placed on a ventilator about twenty minutes after that. He never came off. He died Feb. 24, 2005 and Valentine's Day will never be the same. I will not get my three yellow roses for the first of my 39 years of life and oh how my heart breaks. For me Valentine's Day will never be about what the rest of the world would like it to be. Rather it will always be a sticky sweet and precious memory of how much my daddy loved me and how amazingly blessed I have been.

Thanks for sharing Mel


5:11 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Darling said...

Annie what a beautiful and poignant story. And what a lovely traditon. You are blessed to have had a father like that. This story will forever stick with me. Beautiful and touching.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Julana said...

Thank you for sharing.
My grandmother passed away on Valentine's Day.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Krisco said...

And I say - good for you!!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Alissa said...

meh. i'm with you. valentine's day was completely ruined for me ever since my first daughter decided to be born that day.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

You are truly a woman after my own heart, it actually seems to mean less to me when my husband gives me something on Valentine's Day as opposed to him just deciding for no reason to show me that he loves me.

By the way Mel, I tagged you. It's a fun meme and one I think you'll make even more fun with your imagination. Hope you'll play with me. :)

9:21 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

I'm not into these days either, but then I'm European and they're just not such big things. Valentines are supposed to be anonymous in the UK, and I don't know anyone who does more than (perhaps) send a card to someone they love, or want to love. I've never baked heart-shaped anything, can't see the point. We celebrate Christmas, Easter and birthdays, and that's all. I don't even know when mother's day is, and as for St Patrick's Day, that's only for those who are patriotic Irish, surely (I don't know when that is either).

2:17 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

so what was the happiest day of your life?

5:59 AM  

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