Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let There Be Light

My kitchen light dimmed today and now only flickers weakly. The geniuses who designed this house installed four fluorescent light bulbs overhead in the kitchen. Over the kitchen sink is . . . nothing. No light whatsoever and might I remind you that my house lives in the gloomy, cloudy Pacific Northwest? Yeah. So, my kitchen sink, also known as Where I Spend Half My Waking Hours Washing Dishes and Plunging Old Food Into the Garbage Disposal, is poorly illuminated. This bugs me. A lot. But what's a girl to do?

Half a year ago, I bought a small halogen light fixture to install under the kitchen cabinets. Not, mind you, close to the sink, but over the one stretch of counter space I have, the space which fights a losing battle against detritus, flotsam, jetsam and school papers. The light fixture was half off at Target and I thought it would be a fine addition to my kitchen. And it was only ten bucks. I envisioned peering at junk mail by the light of this bargain.

And then I didn't have time so I stashed the box containing the light fixture in the entryway closet, the one where I keep my wedding gown and two royal purple bridesmaid dresses with bubble skirts. Remember bubble skirts? Well, that's where they hang, along with the vacuum cleaner, an Oreck handheld vacuum that someone gave me after it didn't sell at a garage sale, the board games we never play, including a Deluxe Scrabble game, a hideous oil painting we don't have the heart to discard, a bunch of coats, including my husband's high school letterman jacket (sports, not David) and a partridge in a pear tree. No, actually, there's more, but for the sake of this paragraph, I'll stop.

But here's a tip. I hung a clear plastic shoe holder, the kind with rows of pockets, over the door and I organize gloves, mittens, hats and suntan lotion in those pockets. It's ever so Martha Stewart of me, though she'd probably have labeled everything. I don't have a label maker, though I long for one with every fiber of my being. I just can't justify the expense. But it's a secret desire of my heart.

Today, I cleaned out that closet and came upon the light fixture. Since my overhead kitchen light died and the rainclouds darkened the skies all day, I decided to haul out my portable Black and Decker drill. I installed the light fixture in a jiffy.

I am Woman. Hear me Roar.

So, let's review. I now have:

1) One clean and organized 7-year old's room, including closet;
2) One clean and organized 3-year old's room, including giant closet;
3) One closet, clean and organized;
4) One installed light fixture in my kitchen.

I also have:

1) An unvacuumed family room;
2) Laundry! Dirty laundry!
3) No cat food or cat litter;
4) Rapidly deteriorating Christmas decorations, baubles being absconded daily from the tree while my daughter ransacks the nativity and leaves Baby Jesus here and there;
5) A filthy kitchen floor.

While I am busy accomplishing a long-term task, my short-term life is disintegrating into chaos. But I say, "Let there be light!" and keep my eyes on the glare, pretending not to see the shadows.


Blogger Debra said...

Mel... Just wanted you to know I *loved* this post! In fact, it inspired the one I wrote today in my own blog (12/31). Thanks so much for all that you write so faithfully here and happy new year to you and yours! God bless... Debra

11:38 AM  

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