Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Little (Digestible) Things

Sure, I could discuss a wide variety of issues, but I am too distracted by the comments on a previous post. I mentioned how CuteBaby's mom discovered digested paper in his diaper. Misery truly loves company, because I am greatly cheered by your reports of the following objects discovered in infant diapers:

1) Two Barbie shoes and a marble (in the same diaper!);
2) Needle;
3) Spider;

(I must comment on the urban legend about eating eight spiders at night while you sleep. . . my advice? Wear pantyhose over your head and prevent this from ever happening to you!)

4) Tinsel (by a cat, but still, it could have been a baby).

Does anyone else have something to add?

Tomorrow, I will have something of substance to say, I promise. I know this because I have phone calls to make to recruit volunteers and paperwork to complete and I hate these tasks and will need a way to look and feel like I'm working without actually facing the dreaded chores at hand. Behold, the blog!


Blogger Square1 said...

I guess I've been fortunate with my three... other than undigested paper and undigested corn... foriegn objects have been absent from their diaper deposits.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Do I win the prize for most foreign objects found in a single diaper? Don't tell child and family services! They might come knocking on my door.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Lizanne said...

My frist two children never had foreign objects show up in their diapers. I used to be very uptight about what my kids put in their mouths. The story changes with the third. I was lucky just to keep a diaper on that one. We had legos, colorform stickers, glitter, and Barbie shoes(shh...don;t tell sister we threw them away.) He's now 5 so I guess the thing to say is that this to shall pass.......Sorry, I couldn't resist.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

My daughter stuck EVERYTHING in her mouth. One day I was recounting all the things I had pulled out of her mouth that day to my Bible study group. My daughter was sitting on my lap. Suddenly one of my friends said, "Judy, she just swallowed your necklace!", and sure enough, as if to PROVE I was telling the truth, she swallow a quarter size locket I had on a chain around my neck. That one was easy though, I just had to reel it in.

She also had a gross habit of picking a hole in her diaper and eating the wet stuff.

She never was a fussy eater.

But, I still remember my mom 'looking for' a big red tiddley-wink that I swallowed. I couldn't figure out why she wanted it back so much. We did have plenty of others.

8:09 AM  
Blogger dkgoodman said...

Once when we were camping in Yosemite we attended a campfire where one of the rangers was speaking about bears, and I asked him how you could tell if it was a bear or a human who had gone in the woods. (We all know what bears do in the woods.)

He said that if there was tinsel in it, then a bear had made it, because they don't unwrap our food before eating it. So now I know.

Okay, that's not a diaper story, but maybe that's a good thing. :)

According to my mother, as a child I once ate a grasshopper.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Diddy-Win said...

Peter ate so many blue gummy dinosaurs that his poop was blue and I was about to rush him to the hospital with some horrible disease until I realized what he had been eating. Andy ate so much watermelon, that the same thing happened...I thought he was internally bleeding. Andy is 18 and he STILL eats paper! We can be having a conversation and he will be taking a bite out of a page! I must say, though, I'm not sure if it is digested....and I am NOT checking!

10:19 AM  

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