Friday, March 18, 2005

Did You Hear Me Screaming?

I was unable to get Blogger to cooperate with me yesterday, despite my pleas. I hope you didn't miss me too much. (Blogger Support assures me they are working on their issues, but I'm not holding my breath.) By the way, if you are unable to comment using the comment feature, feel free to email me at melodee at gmail dot com.

I "interviewed" two blogging friends. Jan answered her interview questions over at Happy Homemaker. Be sure to say hello and let her know I sent you.

Wash Lady answered her interview questions, too. Check out her answers at Life's Laundry. Again, tell her hello and enjoy her site.

A couple of others are working on their questions, too. I'll post links to them soon.

I'll be back later (God-willing, if the creek don't rise and Blogger cooperates) with something to say. I think. I just might run away from home. I don't like twelve year old boys much today.


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