Monday, November 08, 2004

Going, Going, Gone!

Today is my husband's day off. He asked what my plans were for the day and I fell to the floor, laughing my fool head off. Plans! Who makes plan? I have kids who school at home and a two year old.

Actually, I said, "Well, I really need to write my Student Academic Plans and if you could take Babygirl out of here for a couple of hours, that would be so helpful."

He, being a Superior Husband and all, agreed. Off they went.

I sat at the computer and clicked on to gather the list of assignments for today for the boys. My internet connection kept wavering though, jiggling and swaying like a suspension bridge, and then BOOM. I was off-line.

I rebooted. And clicked. And switched to the other computer. And rebooted it. And briefly found myself connected again before plunging into the dark world of disconnection.

How did we survive without our high-speed internet connection?

I called Comcast to ask if there were some type of outage, found out nothing, unplugged everything, rebooted and found myself linked to the on-line world yet again.

By this time, though, the day had flown by and my husband and Babygirl were back from their adventure to Kristy Kreme. I had achieved nothing, but my boys completed most of their lessons before we lost our connection yet again.

I haven't caught on my daily-read blogs. I haven't answered email. I didn't finish my record-keeping for

You'd think that my house should be spic-n-span and that the laundry would all be put away since I spent so much of my day flapping in the wind without my internet anchor. Alas, not true. Between my meeting at school this afternoon, a meeting tonight and grocery-shopping, I feel farther behind tonight than I did when I woke up this morning.

By the way, Babygirl (who was 2 in September) can play on the internet. I set her up with and she plays games. She knows how to click the red "X" at the upper right hand corner. She can manipulate the mouse. She knows how to put in a CD and play her toddler game. I am pretty impressed.

Next time my computer loses its internet connection, I know who I'm calling.

That's right. Babygirl, Computer Whiz-Girl, Age 2. I'm having business cards made up right away.


Blogger Tina said...

Babygirl is pretty bright to be able to play on the computer like that. Mine would be turning it off and on...changing my settings...she can't be trusted just yet.

Plans to me are a funny thing. Some days my brain can make order. I know exactly what I will do, and when I will do it. On the days when I can't see it like that, trouble is likely...happens too regularly...

9:01 AM  

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