Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Mundane Stuff
Babygirl declared yesterday, "I gotta wash the dishes!" And she did. She stood on a chair at the sink, sprayed water, moved dishes from one sink to the next, cracked a glass and got her clothes wet. What fun she had. This time around, I am wiser and I let her practice doing chores in the hopes that one day, she will actually do the chores with a smile on her face.

When I started motherhood with a set of twins, I didn't encourage this sort of thing because the mess of two children playing in water at the sink is not really just twice the mess of one child. It's more like four times the mess. And they fought over everything. They still do.

Right now, one of the twins is working on spelling while the other works on literature. What puzzles me is that they choose to work on the crazy yellow couch in the golden living room rather than in their room, where I painstakingly set up separate study areas for each of them. I always forget that they are not me. If I would adore my own separate study area, they will hate it.

I Blame Paris Hilton
What's up with people carrying their little yappy dogs into stores around here? Two times in the past week, I've seen someone clutching a pointless little dog in their arms while they shopped--once at the grocery store! What's that all about? Does everyone think they are the exception to the rule?


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