Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Anonymous Comments

An anonymous person made the following comment on my blog a moment ago: Why not just be happy for what God gave you and shut up for a while! Did you know there was a war on and plenty of women are losing their children every day. How about grabbing yours, thanking God, and stop whining!

Frankly, it's impossible to take an anonymous commenter seriously and comments like this always crack me up.

But to answer the questions:

Question: Why not be happy for what God gave you and shut up for awhile?
Answer: Your question presumes I am not happy, which is a false presumption. Furthermore, is happiness really the point of life? I think not. Finally, if I shut up, who would write my blog entries? Were you hoping I would ask you? I don't even know your telephone number!

Question: Do you know there is a war on?
Answer: Well, yes, I did. In fact, a friend on my street is expecting her first baby in three weeks. Her husband is serving in Iraq and will miss the birth.

Question: How about grabbing yours, thanking God and stopping whining?
Answer: How about you find a blog you feel more comfortable reading? How about you sign your name to your comments, you big coward?

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, but before you go, I have a question for you. Do you know how to use a question mark? Or did you fail grammar in elementary school?

(Yeah, that was kind of unnecessary, wasn't it? But at least I'm signing my name.)


Blogger Judy said...

Dear Mel,

Don't change a thing about your blog! I've never met you, and probably never will, but I LOVE your blog, and, I love you! The depth from which you write is RARE in a Christian woman. The honesty is refreshing (i used to get homeschool magazines), your writing style is great, your sense of humor is phenomenal - and keeps me tuned in to your blog.

Your kids are so incredibly blessed to have you as a mother. They probably don't know this yet, but they are.

Keep on being you.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Wow, Mel. I can't believe that someone who knows you would go to such lengths to insult you behind your back rahter than show his/her true colors to your face. I really enjoy your blog and understand that this is one of the few places where one can express the true hardships and struggles of being a mother. I imagine it is a tremendous release. And on the plus side, you are a wonderful and humorous writer, so I hope that you don't let such childishness affect you. Also you might consider haloscan...no anonymity allowed.

8:37 AM  
Blogger elswhere said...

Delurking to say-- way to answer a troll! Yay! I really enjoy your blog and your thoughtful, funny writing. I can't believe someone would troll such a completely benign post. Some people need a life, I guess.

Oh, and I appreciated your comment on Suzanne's post the other day. Thanks.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Savtadotty said...

1. Does the lurker not know that "blogging" is simply "whining" spelled a new way?
2. I live in Israel, where complaining is the only national sport enjoyed by women, men, and children alike. Whining and complaining are the same word in my (admittedly limited) Hebrew vocabulary.
3. I don't think happiness is the point of life. I will now write a post to my blog about what I think is the point of life (a cheap trick to get more readers, don't you think?)

1:08 PM  

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