Sunday, August 14, 2005

Book Reviews for "Diet of Bookworms"

I interrupt my regular programming to bring you some book reviews. I'm participating in a program at Diet of Bookworms, in which I agreed to review some Christian books written for children.

Most of All, Jesus Loves You, by Noel Piper (illustrated by Debby Anderson) is a cheerful picture book which reminds children of all the people who love them. One page reads, "Mommy loves you, and Daddy loves you." The pictures feature children of all races engaged in a variety of settings--watering the garden, visiting the zoo, going to school. One picture shows a smiling girl in a wheelchair reading a book with her friend.

Not only do I love the thoughtfulness that went into the illustrations, I also appreciate the rhythm of the words. My two-year old daughter listened to me read it twice, then sat down alone and "read" it to herself.

This is a lovely book, perfect for preschoolers and anyone who loves beautiful illustrations.

God Knows My Name was written and illustrated by Debby Anderson. I have long been a fan of the colorful illustrations of smiling children in her books. This book begins with the declaration that "God made everything and God knows everything! God knows me." Each page expands on this idea, exploring how God watches over us and helps us. You and your children can look up the scripture references the author includes at the bottom of the pages.

As in the previous book, Debby Anderson features children of all ethnicities and one who uses a walker. The illustrations include children cooperatively playing a sandbox, an undersea scene, lots of animals, a rocket ship, various seasons and more. This is the kind of book I don't mind reading again and again and again.

The Big Picture Story Bible, written by David Helm and illustrated by Gail Schoonmaker, summarizes the entire Bible in big pictures . . . summarizing the "big picture" of the Bible narrative. In thirteen Old Testament segments and thirteen New Testament segments, David Helm distills the Bible into its most basic storyline, which is creatively illustrated with simple cartoons by Gail Schoonmaker.

Each segment is seven to ten pages long and perfect for reading aloud to younger children at bedtime. Older children will be easily able to read this book and see the "big picture," while younger children will be content with each Bible story as it unfolds. The entire book is 451 pages, a hefty and certainly worthwhile addition to any Christian family's library. I love this book.

Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching Your Children to Live for God, by Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt, features stories the authors explain "are an application of the truths taught in First Catechism. A catechism is simply a series of questions and answers that systematically teach a body of information."

Each story begins with catechism questions and answers, before moving on to a story which illustrates the questions. Questions at the end of the story help the child review the story and connect it to the catechism questions. A final section helps you lead your child in biblical prayer.

The book includes thirty-six stories and all the questions and answers of the catechism. I did not grow up in a church which emphasized the catechism, and so I appreciate the systematic structure for teaching children the fundamentals of the Christian faith. I look forward to using this book in devotional time with my children.

These books were provided through Diet of Bookworms as gifts from the publisher.


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

As in Diet of Worms. I get it.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Julana said...

Oh, Mel. Tempt me not.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Angi said...

I have found my dream job...a book reviewer....I love to read more than I,'s see, I love to read almost more than anything! lol.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog. It was very nice of you and like I said in my other post you seem like a very nice woman and I love reading your blog.


7:38 PM  
Blogger Lizanne said...

Thank you for the book reviews. I just got a job as pre-K teacher at a Chriatian school and am looking for resources. Thanks! I love your blog!!

6:10 AM  

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