Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pee and Orange Juice

Here. Try a little experiment.

Shampoo your carpets.
How long will it take for pee and orange juice to contaminate the clean carpet?

That's right. Three days.

Babygirl in the family room, standing in front of her potty-chair: "I peed on the carpet!"

Me, shrieking and running: "NO! NO! DO NOT PEE ON THE . . . oh, you peed on the carpet!"

Upstairs, later.

Me, putting away clothes in Babygirl's dresser. Her, sprinkling orange juice from her sippy cup onto her carpet.

Me: "NO! NO! Do NOT spill orange juice on the . . . oh, you spilled orange juice!"

My husband, from the bedroom where he is reclining, watching Fox News: "Don't yell at my baby!"


Well, okay, maybe I overreacted and was just a bit too loud, but hey, at least I didn't go into the stands and punch a cup-throwing fan.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Already tried that experiment, milk and yogurt work just as well. Why are dining rooms carpeted?

11:16 AM  
Blogger vandamonium said...

no, that would be the hubby's job. Happy Thanksgiving
I live in a cottage and I have living room - computer - kitchen. No dining room, no carpet and all the kids are grown. (4 daughters) now if I could just get the last one, 20 to leave!

11:37 AM  

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