Thursday, October 21, 2004

Self-Esteem Prodigy

I asked my youngest son, "Who do you think is the best reader in your class?"

He said, "Me!"

I said, "Who is the best at math?"

Again, he said, "Me!"

Then, I said, "Well, who has the most friends in your class?"

Without pause, he said, "Me!"

If I could package and market this child's self-confidence and optimism, I would be a very rich woman, indeed.


My twins spent several hours today after finishing their school work building a "clubhouse," which involved carrying every blanket and afghan they could find into the dining room. Their design relied heavily on draping these blankets on chairs. Then, TwinBoyA stretched out on his stomach and read the first Harry Potter book. Again. He decided to read them all again for the third time. He started reading it yesterday and I think he'll finish it tomorrow.

The neighbor boys came over and all the boys spent a great deal of time assigning roles. I heard TwinBoyB informing the neighbor boy that he had to be a guard and go through beginning guard training.

The neighbor boys come over every day and want to stay late. My boys sometimes don't really want to play with them, but YoungestBoy said he doesn't want to make the boys feel bad by refusing to play. We need to figure out a way to preserve some space around my sons while reaching out to the neighbors at the same time.

Tricky stuff, this child-rearing. At least one child--the YoungestBoy--is making me look good! He's gotten four perfect spelling tests, despite the fact I haven't helped him study his words yet. Now, if I can remember to give him popcorn money tomorrow, all will be well.


Blogger Tina said...

Your YoungestBoy must be something else! He sounds like the greatest kid...

10:43 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Seriously though, please can you figure out a way to package this self-confidence and optimism. I could do with a healthy dose of the stuff ;)

2:22 PM  

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