Saturday, March 13, 2004

Call Me Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor

My entire front yard needed a haircut today. So, when my husband took my baby for a long walk, I dragged out the big aluminum ladder and the electric hedge-trimmer and trimmed away. I trimmed the laurel hedges, the other wild bush next to the laurels, then moved on to the boxwood along the front of the house. Then I topped the evergreen bushes near the front door and finished up by edging the ivy all along the driveway. I filled the whole yard waste container and then swept the driveway.

All that work, and you can't tell I did anything. Trimming the yard--just like getting my boys haircuts--is one of those invisible tasks. You only notice if it's not done. I hate that.

The twins both have colds.

We got the kids a new basketball hoop for the backyard, plus two new bikes--one for TwinBoyA and one for YoungestBoy.

Babygirl has suddenly added a bunch of new words to her vocabulary. I discovered she says her own name. Other new words include: nose, ear, hair, cold, dark, bike, 'side (outside), car. She was full of energy and good cheer today--finally feeling perfectly healthy after suffering from her cold for a solid three weeks.

And now, with that random report, I'm heading to bed to read.

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